Cement big bags are usually designed as single or double loop fibc. A Inliner is crucial for cement big bags as moisture would destroy the cement. Often a company logo is printed on the cement bag.

The fertilizer industry mostly uses one- or two loop big bags as these are easy to handle for their agricultural customers. The SWL of these FIBC is often only around 500kg. A PE-Inliner is inserted in the big bags so the fertilizer is not leaking and not becoming wet. Fertilizer packaging usually has a company logo printing which supports the marketing of the fertilizer.

Wood pellets are often filled into big bags. These fibc are usually relatively high as wood pallets are comparably lightweight. Cost is usually the most important factor for pellets big bags as the product is inexpensive

Carbon black big bags are more than two meters high and designed to carry around 2 cubic meters of carbon black. Furthermore, they are designed as formstable big bags. We produce big bags from black uncoated fabric especially for our carbon black customers. 

Chemicals have a wide range of characteristics and an equally wide range of big bags exists to suit them. Some types used by the chemical industry are:

Formstable FIBC.

FIBC with PE InlinerAntistatic FIBC.

The chemical industry often asks for highest quality as the value of the products is high.

Various construction materials like sand or stones are can be packed in big bags. 

Construction material companies usually use standard big bags with a closed bottom and a open topSand FIBC require dustproof sewing while for stones it is not used.