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FIBC is a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container: Bulk bag, Big bag, Jumbo bag, Tote bags or Super sack, is an industrial container made of flexible fabric in large dimensions for storing, transporting and handling dry, granular products or slurry material.  FIBC’s are the most effective cost and ideal types of packaging for shipping and storing dry bulk products. They can be produced from either tubular or flat Polypropylene fabric. These types of fabric can be either coated or uncoated and vary in weights depending on the requirements of the Safe Working Load (SWL) or Safety Factor (SF).

DIV Trades produces various kinds of belts for big bag loops. Main styles and options are: PP Raffia or PP Multifilament Weight: 29, 35, 47 g/m Width:
Heavy pp woven fabric
Basic characteristics and options of heavy fabrics: Polypropylen fabric GSM: 140, 165, 180, 200, 240 g/m² Width: 70-120 cm flat, Tubular up to 400
Edge reinforcement:
UV stabilization: 150kly Edge reinforcement: flat loom reinforced ends reinforcement in the fabric for baffels circular looms folded ends which simu
Polypropylen fabric
Polypropylen fabric GSM: 70, 85, 100 g/m² Construction: 10x10 threads per square inch (Tape width 2,5mm) Width: Tubular fabric (with or without
Type C fabric (Conductive)
Coating: 30 g/m² Type C fabric (Conductive): 5x5cm carbon threads Ventilated fabric Roll size (on request different sizes possible): 750m Tubular